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Khukhri knifes

A Khukuri (alternately spelled kukri, khukri, kukhri, cookri, kookeri) is the traditional knife of the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. It is also the weapon and general-purpose tool of the Gurkhas, the world-renowned legendary fighters from the foothills of the Himalayas. We have a wide of range decorative -(showpiece) Khukhris of different sizes to decorate your house as a rememberance of Gorkhas and Nepali tradition. These decorative Khukhri Knifes can be offered to Godess Durga, Kali and Bhairawar....

5 Inch

6 Inch

9 Inch

11 Inch

Singing Bowls

Our Singing bowls are meant to bring peace & tranquility to users & guide them on their quest to enlightenment. In the modern era, singing bowls are more freely available than in the past, but sourcing the right quality & make bowls is still a tough process. We have through long years of experience gained valuable expertise in creating new singing bowls & sourcing authentic antique singing bowls.

Tibetan Singing Bowl