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Nepali Hand Made Dolls

A great selection of handmade Nepalese Dolls including Kumari Devi Doll, Sherpa Doll, Hindu wedding doll and Nepalese Hand made Puppets. These unique, Hand made Dolls are souvenir items that accurately reflect Nepalese culture and lifestyles. Our handmade Nepalese dolls were made with love, and it show traditional costumes of different ethnic groups, Dressed in colourful regional attire. Available in many different sizes, These Handmade Nepalese Doll are absolutely gorgeous and are really popular with both children and adults alike. We can supply the best quality Handmade Ethnic Nepalese Dolls. Our items comply with International Quality Standards and their quality and durability are fully guaranteed.

Buddhist Lama couple

Kumari devi

Nepali Farmer dolls

Nepali Ladies with baby

Nepali artist couple

Nepali wedding couple

Newari couple

Newari couple