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Rudraksh Mala
A good Rudraksha mala usually has one hundred and eight beads or fifty four in length. Japa with Rudraksha mala yields many good results on human body and mind. When the japam is being performed with Rudraksha mala keeping the beads little pressed and pushed a type of acupressure is being done on the acupressure points in the thumb and middle finger.

Good for

  • This improves the blood circulation at eyes, mental nerves, pituitary and pineal and it prevents the cold and asthma.
  • maintaining of Good Health
  • Improving the concentration power during meditation

Rudraksh Kanta Mala
This 5 mukhi Rudraksha kantha is a most sought after combination for various reasons. It has positive impact on overall blood circulation, blood pressure,reducing mental stress. The 5 mukhi Kantha consisting of Collector Quality Rudraksha beads helps elevate the levels of consciousness in the regular practitioners.It contains 32+1 bead of five mukhi nepali rudrakshas. Largest Size of Nepali five face beads in the size ranges from 20 mm to 30 mm size.These varieties of mala are very very powerful and the result will be seen faster in related to Health, prosperity, happiness, concentration.

Rudraksh Siddha Mala
This exquisite and powerful Mala is made by combining one bead each of 1 mukhi Gauri Shankar Ganesh Rudraksha 2 mukhi till 14 mukhi Rudraksha of collector variety of highest quality. The beads are strung with small smooth 5 Mukhi beads and silver caps and silver beads. Most powerful Mala.

Japa Mala
The Japa Mala usually consists of a string of 108 beads, with one summit bead known as a sumeru. Sumeru is not crossed while chanting and act as a boundary for returning in reverse direction for further counting. Mala rests on ring finger and middle finger is used for Japa. Index and smallest finger are considered as Inauspicious for touching the Mala during Japa process. Rudraksha Rosary is considered as one of the best Rosary, which can be used for Japa of all kinds, Available in

Size of the beads 9 mm
Size of the beads 8 mm
Size of the beads 7 mm
Size of the beads 6 mm
Size of the beads 5 mm

Rudraksh spatik mala
This Rudraksha-Sphatik mala (rosary) is made up of 108 (54 Rudraksha + 54 Sphatik beads) + 1 (Rudraksha) beads of about 7mm size. It gives the benefit effects of both Rudraksha and Sphatik and can be used for meditation purposes as well as for wearing around the neck.

Rudrani Mala
The tiny beads of Rudrani which are rare to find and are wonderful in effect are said to be the female part of the Rudraksha. It is kept in puja rooms along with Rudraksha to get the results of the totality of the Shiva - Parvati Jodi. Those who keep this jodi in their place of worship get all the material pleasures in this birth and salvation after death. Ladies can wear this Rudrani Mala.

Shaligram Mala
Rare kind of Rosary made from small sized round shaped Santanagopal shaligram/Sudarshan shaligram from Nepal, (Damodarkund). These Shaligram shilas are strung by Silver/ Copper. The beautiful Rosary is best for Decorating Lord Vishnu. Offering a rosary prepared from Shaligrams to Lord Vishnu is said to offer the highest merit to the devotee for fullfillment of his desires. Shaligram is the living form of Lord Vishnu. This mala is meant for Gods only. This is not meant for wearing on body, as human beings cannot handle this with the purity required.

The word, "sandalwood" in English, or "chandan" in Hindi, evokes a world of ancient mystery, sanctity, and devotion. Sandalwood has an uninterrupted sacred 4,000 year history, being mentioned in ancient Sanskrit and Chinese manuscripts. The Sandalwood is a small, evergreen tree native to tropical Asia. Sandalwood has traditionally been regarded as one of the purest substances and is valued for its cooling properties and its medicinal value too. Sandalwood mala is believed to promote tranquillity as an aid to meditation. Sandalwood is very calming and cooling; it soothes pitta dosha and helps one to overcome the senses. Sandalwood mala is said to attract positive subtle vibrations, bring clear perception and can be used in worshiping any deity.

Sphatik Mala
Sphatik (Crystal) is related to Venus. It is a substitute of Diamond. Quartz gems are popular among gem therapists because they produce electrochemical balance in the body and remove anxiety, and make one calm and aid in concentrating. Using a rosary made from Sphatik crystal gives concentration, cools the body, and calms the mind. Wearing a crystal mala ensures a sound and undisturbed sleep. Crystal mala as a Japa Mala. This Crystal Mala has 108+1. It is Ideal for making it as diety garland too

Tulsi Mala
Tulsi is considered the most sacred of the woods used in Indian worship and the Tulsi plant is believed to be an incarnation of the Divine. Tulsi is reported to possess remarkable physical and spiritual healing properties and helps to improve devotion and love in the heart. The tulsi mala is used for worshipping Ram, Krishna and especially Vishnu who we are told is the creator and beloved of the Tulsi plant.

Vaijayanthi Mala
Vaijanti Mala is made of White beads of Vaijanti is used for Vashikaran, Attraction and Devi Siddhi. Vaijanti seed comes from the forests where the god and goddess eternally make love. A mala of victory. Vaijanti is a shiny seeds that grows in the forests of Braj. Lord Vishnu and Krishna love this mala.Vaijanti Mala is also known as Lord Vishnu's garland.It is very common belief among the people that bearer of vaijanti mala never looses anything in life.It is widely used for jaap (prayer) of Lord krishna , Vishnu and Rama.

Navratna Mala
The navaratna mala comprises of all the gems which belong to various planets. If worn it makes a person remain cool under stress. This gem awakens the healing powers and gives extra sensory powers to the wearer. Both precious and Semi precious Navaratna mala are available with us.