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Rudraksh Shaligram bhandar

Rudraksh Shaligram bhandar offers rare collections of Shaligrams (saligram, saligrama) naturally found in Gandaki river of Nepal.

The Shaligram is the most sacred stone worshipped by the Vaishnavas and is used to worship Vishnu. According to shastra worship Shree Shaligram for six values of life; - Righteous living, Wealth, Protection, good health, pleasures and Spiritual blessing. As per Gautamiya Tantra,


Near the kali - Gandaki river, there place called Damodar kunda (NEPAL). The stones which appear in that place are called shalagram shila. According to the Hindu tradition this stone is the shelter for a small insect known as "Vajra-Keeta" that has a diamond tooth which cuts through the Shaligram stone and stays inside it. The Saligram stones are hundreds of million years old when the Himalaya was an ocean floor. The marks on the Shaligram give it a special significance, the Discus of Lord Vishnu. The Shaligrams come in black colour. The Shaligrams of different shapes are often associated with different incarnations of Lord Vishnu.Some rare Shaligrams are of yellow and golden colour and they are very auspicious too.

Among the Shalagram stones, some are from the waters (jala) and some are from the mountainside (sthala). This classification is found in Varaha purana
(SK page 111)


Laxmi Narasimha Shaligram

Sudarshan Shaligram


Hiranyagarbha Shaligram

Lakshminarayan Shaligram


Shivling Shaligram

Ananta shaligram


Surya Shaligram

Damodar Shaligram


Matsya Shaligram

Shankha Shaligram


Anirudra shaligram

Narayan shaligram


Benefits of Shaligram Pooja:

"Ajanma Krita Papanam Prayaschitam Ya Ichati Saligram Silawari Paphari Namastute

" Akal Mritu Haranam Sarvabyadhi Binasanam Vishu Padodakam Pitwa Shirasha Dharyamyaham

"Sankha Madhya Sthitam Toyyam Vramitam Keshavopari Angalagnam Manukshanam Bramha Hatya Dikam Dayat

Shaligram Silas found In Mukthi Kshetra (Damodarkund), Nepal are very precious and significant. These silas are considered to be directly Lord Vishnu Himself and the person who worships or even keeps in the house do Abhisheka to the Shaligram and drinks

Water or sprinkle those waters on his/her head that Devotee becomes free from all sins and it prevents from untimely death. That person becomes free from all Sins and all material diseases. The most feared sin of Bramahatya is also washed away by worshiping the Shaligram.